Global specialists in crime investigation and covert operation software.

Every police force in the UK uses and trusts Altia-ABM products. We help them to work more efficiently and more effectively, and give investigators the time and resources they need to solve crime.

Managing Crime Investigations

Our products and services give added structure to the process and management of investigations and evidence. They help you solve crime by providing effective methods to record, store, share, interrogate and present information and evidence. Learn More

Managing Covert Operations

Our covert operations management software is used by law enforcement bodies in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Australia. It helps you manage all aspects of covert operations, and to comply with regulations, guidelines and best practice. Learn More


We help our clients get the most from our products with training that can be customised for your users. We also support our customers in other ways, including technical consultancy, and work with them to make sure our products and services continue to deliver. Learn More