Our Mission; We strive to develop excellent, specialist software to assist professional investigators across the world in their fight against increasingly complex crimes.

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100% of UK Police forces use and trust our products. In addition, our customers include a number of UK Government departments and regulatory authorities. Overseas customers include tax authorities and other government agencies.

Our group has grown rapidly in the past three years, with increasing emphasis on international operations. We have a significant customer base in Australia where we have recently opened a new office in early 2018, and have customers in South America, Hong Kong, Africa and the US. Our Canada office in Toronto in February 2017.

We also have trained national anti-corruption teams in Panama, Peru and Colombia, in partnership with UK government agencies.

Altia-ABM’s products significantly save time on investigations and reduce their cost. A controlled test by a UK government authority showed that 80% of their time was saved when they used Altia-ABM software to analyse financial transactions made by suspected criminals.

The UK is a world leader in the treatment of human sources of intelligence and the fact that ethical treatment is enshrined in law. Our group’s covert operations software offers police forces the assurance that they are compliant with all relevant legislation (including CHIS and RIPA) and that the use of human sources of intelligence is properly assessed.

At Altia-ABM we provide technical consultancy and support for customers as well as training from a dedicated centre in Milton Keynes. Regular feedback provided by customers through the support function and customer user groups provides a template for continuous development and enhancement across our group’s range of software products.

Board of Directors

John Boyle OBE
John Boyle OBEChairman
Ian Watson
Ian WatsonChief Executive Officer
Rodney Orr
Rodney OrrChief Technical Officer
Rob Sinclair
Rob SinclairChief Operating Officer

Management Team

Stephanie Luson
Stephanie LusonSales Manager
Paul Hardman
Paul HardmanGroup Client Manager
Michael Austell
Michael AustellBusiness Development Executive Canada
Thomas Foo
Thomas FooCountry Manager Australia
Rob Gilchrist
Rob GilchristGeneral Manager
Fiona Strang
Fiona StrangOffice Manager