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Experienced teams around the world

Pioneering solutions for civil, financial, crime, internal, post-conviction and specialist investigations; at Altia-ABM we strive to evolve our innovative product offer to meet the needs of customers across the globe.

With locations in the UK, Canada and Australia plus a client base spanning six of the seven continents; Altia-ABM provides an unrivalled service to clients. We have a presence in the UK, Canada, North and South America, Australia and Central Asia, enabling a local service on a global scale.

Our experienced teams of account executives, technical consultants and support staff are always on hand to provide information, guidance and technical support. Our client base covers both public sector and private organisations, including: law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, anti-corruption bodies, trading investigators, and forensic accountants.

Our collaborative development process ensures that regional requirements are captured, and users can rely on our global support team who offer a support network in different time zones. Plus, specialist training facilities, including a virtual classroom, enable us to offer bespoke training to clients at any location.

Explore our worldwide office locations below.
Map showing where Altia-ABM have offices

UK and EMEA 

Following Altia Solutions’ acquisition of ABM Intelligence in 2016, we have more than doubled in size with further growth of our UK and international operations over recent years.

The heart of our UK activity operates from our head office in Glasgow, underpinned by our East Midlands office in Nottingham. 

All our software development takes place in the UK by our dedicated team of experts. The team stay ahead of industry trends and regulations to ensure security and software advancements benefit and evolve our product range. 

Our United Kingdom group consists of over 50 experts across the two offices, providing a tailored service to numerous government agencies and every police force across the UK, plus numerous pan-European law enforcement organisations.

The Americas

Rapid international growth and a desire to support the needs of customers at a local level, led to the establishment of our office in Toronto in February 2017. 

Perfectly positioned to provide a base for our significant and growing customer base in North and Latin America, the combined expertise of our office-based teams, local reseller partners in the field and the intelligent capabilities of our digital solutions, means that no matter where your location, we can offer support to underpin your needs. 

Our client base includes the Fiscalía De La Nación, National Police and the Superintendencia de Banca, amongst others, across a broad geography stretching from Canada and the USA, to Colombia, Peru, and the Caribbean. 

Our development team has translated our financial investigation software into Spanish to meet the needs of our Latin American customers. In addition, we have created templates to satisfy local requirements and our multilingual staff ensure clear communications.

Asia Pacific

Our Australian office opened in Melbourne in February 2018, to underpin the requirements of our growing customer base in the Asia Pacific region. 

Servicing the needs of multiple police and government agencies, plus private sector organisations, we offer an array of solutions developed specifically to meet the demands of an everchanging marketplace to support our clients across the APAC zone.

We offer local support across Australia for customers using our Pegasus software, which reassures and assists law enforcement agencies to manage all aspects of covert operations effectively and securely in line with regulations.