Public safety and justice industry leading software vendor, Altia-ABM and cloud giant Microsoft, partner to deliver value, security and enhanced functionality to global private and public sector clients.

Public safety and justice industry leading software vendor, Altia-ABM have partnered with Microsoft. The partnership comes as both Altia-ABM and Microsoft look to modernise and secure the delivery of industry specific solutions to public safety and justice agencies, globally.

Combining Altia-ABM’s fit-for-purpose investigative and intelligence platforms with Microsoft’s Azure cloud and cognitive service; the partners look to leverage the scalability, heighted security and artificial intelligence services to deliver modernised, cost effective, scalable and intelligent services to new and existing clients.

Altia-ABM’s Chief Executive Officer said “…the move to cloud was not a decision taken lightly. At Altia-ABM, we were acutely aware of the strict security requirements within our industry and Microsoft were able to give us, and importantly, our clients, an assurance their information was both accessible and safe. With our products historically being offered on-premises, we needed to modernise and leverage the capabilities being offered to the private sector, such as cognitive services, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the cost-saving and scalable attributes of cloud delivery, without compromising information security and integrity. We are excited to partner with Microsoft to balance these efforts and increase not only our value offerings, but also save our customers money and heighten their security posture. I look forward to working with Microsoft and our other partners to embrace the modern technology available, including OCR, data analytics and artificial intelligence to bolster the fit-for-purpose functionality already on offer in our products”.

With a move to Microsoft Azure, customers can expect to see a reduction in provisioning, running and maintenance costs; a rapidly scalable environment to meet mission critical workloads and eventually, the benefits of artificial intelligence and cognitive services, right from their Altia-ABM product(s) user experience.

Microsoft’s Public Safety & Justice Industry Lead, Nichole Maassen said “Microsoft has been leading the digital transformation journey with many of the public safety & justice customers around in Australia and globally. Therefore, we are absolutely delighted that Altia-ABM have selected Microsoft as the secure cloud platform of choice, to modernise their product offerings.  Having worked closely with Altia-ABM this year, we are acutely aware of the importance of our mutual customer’s security requirements, while maintaining agility and delivering innovation that is scalable; to help drive productivity and efficiency gains, while reducing costs and management overhead. The partnership between Microsoft and Altia-ABM, who already have a large committed and loyal customer base, represents a great opportunity to bring agencies across jurisdictions together; to share information whilst meeting the strictest information and cyber-security requirements, to better serve and protect citizens and society. Protecting those who protect us.”

Altia-ABM look forward to sharing more information and agency specific success stories where Microsoft and Altia-ABM have increased their information security posture, intelligence capabilities and end-to-end case management, both in the public and private sector.

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