Altia-ABM is a global leader in developing innovative software solutions to manage covert operations and facilitate criminal and financial investigations. Police forces, government agencies and investigators across the world trust in and rely on Altia-ABM’s software to deliver the results that they need.

Through innovation and development, Altia-ABM has expanded internationally over the last few years. In order to support and meet the local requirements of a significant and growing user base in the Asia-Pacific region Altia-ABM established an office in Melbourne. The ever-expanding APAC team, includes full time application and customer support staff, as well, as dedicated implementation resources.

Who uses our Software?

Altia-ABM works with both public sector and private organisations, including: law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, anti-corruption bodies, trading investigators, and forensic accountants. With a large number of deployments across the region, including: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and elsewhere. 

A growing demand for our solutions from investigators across the world has led to the establishment of an office and entity in Canada, as well as, dedicated regional support staff to assist our users in South America, Hong Kong, Africa and the US. Along with our UK head office, the group has the ability to work with organisations no matter where in the world they may be. 

Software Development

Development is primarily led by user feedback and by the development teams continual research of technological advancements.

Through user groups and continuous user feedback, Altia-ABM ensure that we develop our solutions in line with our users’ needs. This collaborative development process ensures that regional requirements are captured. Often users whom request specific functionality liaise directly with our development teams to ensure that these suggestions are implemented correctly in our software. 

Regular software upgrades mean these developments reach our end users in a timely fashion ensuring that our software keeps up with the ever-changing challenges of investigators. While ensuring our users can utilise new best practice techniques.



Users can rely upon our Asia-Pacific support team, who offer a full-time support service. With our support network across the world, out of hours support is also available from an office in another time zone. Our multi-national based support team means that support for our Asia-Pacific customers is available well beyond standard regional working hours.



We carry out regular training missions around the Asia-Pacific region at client sites, specialised training facilities, and also in our virtual classroom. Our highly specialised training staff consult with training delegates, to ensure that each session is tailored exactly to organisational needs. 

This training provides continuous feedback, collaborative and user-led development across Altia-ABM’s range of software ensuring that our trusted solutions adapt to the new challenges our users face.