Crime investigation management

Altia-ABM Inc is a Toronto based company, we are part of the international Altia-ABM Group.

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International expertise

We’re trusted partners to law enforcement agencies across the globe. We help them save time, resources and money by making their investigation management process smarter, simpler and more robust.

Savings, efficiency and integrity

We can help you manage crime investigation management more effectively, and save time and resources too. Our products support you on governance and reporting, with fully auditable procedures that let you prove best practice and accountability. More

Securely manage your covert information

Built to meet the exacting standards of UK legislation, Pegasus lets you manage covert data effectively, discretely and securely. Apply high levels of oversight across your covert operations, and comply with guidelines and best practice for gathering, storing, accessing and sharing covert information. More

Complete case management

A single system that lets you record incidents, store, order and search evidence, share information and manage activities. More

Tackle financial crime

With Investigation Toolkit, you can bulk scan bank statements in any language or format to create consistent, accurate Excel files. Powerful scanning software lets your investigators get the information they need, fast, and cuts the time needed to collate and interrogate financial crime information. More

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