Crime investigation training

Taught and online sessions

Our taught sessions can be tailored to suit users who are new to using our products, or to more advanced users who need a general refresher course, or more detailed training on a particular aspect. Online courses are designed to allow users to learn at their own pace.

Insight training — taught course

This full-day taught course is for users who wish to develop the skills and knowledge they need to create and manage case files, disclosure schedules and all associated documents.


We also offer full and half-day bespoke courses which can focus on one or more aspects of using Insight.

Investigation Toolkit training — taught and online courses

A half-day course for anyone who will process paper bank statements, highlight required information within statements, and convert them for analysis.

Financial Analysis Toolbar training – taught and online courses

This half-day course is for anyone who will use the Toolbar to analyse financial data.