Digital Manager

Digital evidence organisation that enhances your investigation management system

Digital Manager integrates seamlessly with Holmes 2, giving UK police forces a single solution that links all evidence to each case, making it easy to store, access and share.

Digitise any kind of evidence asset

Scanned documents, computer files, photographs, audio, video. Digital Manager is the only asset management service to offer full integration with Holmes2.

Market leading

Digital Manager is already used by several UK police forces, and a large, national investigation unit. It makes managing evidence assets simple, freeing your people to concentrate on activities that will make a difference.

Time saving

Your digital assets are easy to access, giving your investigators information when they need it. Fast.


Cuts out time-consuming typing. Optical character recognition converts scanned text to searchable, digital information.

All in one place

Allows you to see every evidence asset connected to your case, and cuts out duplication of effort.

Simple, accurate data capture

Capture large amounts of information quickly and securely.

Fully searchable

Find, filter and sort information easily, identify connections and avoid laborious paper-based exercises.


Covert Operations

Covert Operations