Financial Analysis Toolbar

For fast, powerful interrogation of financial transaction data

The Financial Analysis Toolbar works with the Altia-ABM Investigation Toolkit. Combining a range of financial analysis tools with the power of Excel, it speeds up the process of interrogating financial data.

Simplifying the financial interrogation process

Once you’ve gathered your financial evidence, the challenge is extracting information from it that will support your case. The Toolbar makes that simple and effective, with pre-set queries that you can tailor for your exact needs.

In-built tools that make analysis simple

It’s also accurate and consistent, giving you the information you’re looking for time after time.

The power of Excel

No knowledge of Excel’s functions is necessary. The Toolbar acts like a set of templates you can apply to your data.

Save time and money

The Toolbar makes interrogating financial data simple and fast, giving your people more time to spend on other tasks.

Quick search – identify patterns

Search and highlight entries that match your criteria — spot patterns and identify relevant transactions.

One-click pivot tables

Automatically sort, count, total or average your financial data.

Simplify complex data

Helps you summarise complex data quickly by creating custom reports and lists.

Select the licence arrangement that suits you

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is licensed independently from the Investigation Toolkit, giving you greater flexibility. For example, you might decide that only administration staff need access to the Toolkit, while all investigators can use the Toolbar.


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