Comprehensive digital case management for every type and size of investigation

A single system that lets you record incidents, store, order and search evidence, share information and manage activities. That’s Insight.

Supporting your team at every stage

Around 30 per cent of UK police forces use Insight to help solve serious crime. You can use it to manage every aspect of your investigation, including preparing court-ready documents.

Easy to use, and packed with powerful features

Insight is an end-to-end investigation management system that’s designed to help police forces and other enforcement organisations catch criminals. It’s fully auditable, letting you illustrate every step of your investigation.

Full case management functionality

With Insight on your team you’ll only need one system to manage every type of investigation — with everything in one place.

Evidence storage

Store and search your additional materials and evidence assets — Insight accepts documents, images, audio, video and all other digital files.

Easy sharing of information

It’s quick and easy to share information and assets across your investigation teams, and with other organisations using Insight.

Evidence preparation and reporting

Create court documents and investigation reports at the click of a button.

Research, search and learn

Insight grows as you add more information, letting you make more connections between incidents. And it’s all searchable.

Management oversight

Track progress, allocate resources and set the direction of your investigation.

Built for fighting every type of crime, everywhere.

Insight doesn’t mean imposing a new process on your organisation, it’s about making your existing process more efficient and effective. It can be used in any jurisdiction and for any type of crime. With key information and documents all in one place, it can help you spot patterns, uncover connections and manage your information in a cohesive way that helps you solve crime.


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