Investigation Toolkit

Bulk scan bank statements in any language to create consistent, accurate Excel files

Investigation Toolkit cuts the time needed to collate and interrogate financial crime information. Powerful and accurate scanning software lets your investigators get the information they need, fast.

The tools you need to tackle financial crime

Gathering evidence for financial crime can be long and labour-intensive. Investigation Toolkit gives you the edge, creating accurate Excel records of account statements. Jobs that would otherwise take several days of manual keying can be completed in a matter of hours.

Accurate data used the world over

Investigation Toolkit is already being used by police forces around the world. In the UK it’s also being used by HMRC, the Charities Commission and other organisations to help with fraud investigations.

Highly accurate

Scanning and conversion tools are backed by arithmetical checks to confirm accuracy of your data.

Significant time savings

Independent studies show that Investigation Toolkit can reduce data entry time by 80%.

Court ready documents

Reliability means that Investigation Toolkit reports are readily accepted in UK courts.

International applications

No language barriers – and standardises data from multiple statement formats.

Multiple input formats

Bulk scan hard copy documents, or input and convert digital files in most formats.

Easy to share

Excel-based, so your investigation files can be shared with partner organisations.

Boost your interrogation power

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is designed to be used exclusively with the Investigation Toolkit. It helps you to rapidly analyse and interpret your data. More about the Toolbar


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