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Gathering evidence and analysis transactions can be long and labour-intensive.

Investigation Toolkit gives you the edge in financial investigations, creating accurate Excel-based records of account statements. Jobs that would otherwise take several days, weeks and even months of manual keying can be completed in a matter of hours.

Our financial investigation software significantly saves time and reduces cost with multiple input formats, accuracy scanning and conversion tools, and Excel-based formats which are easily shared between teams. A controlled test by a UK government authority showed that 80% of their time was saved when they used Altia-ABM’s Investigation Toolkit software to analyse financial transactions made by suspected offenders.

Paul Diaper joined the Fraud and Financial Investigation Team at Reigate & Banstead Council in November 2016. He has been using Investigation Toolkit and Toolbar for over 11 years. He said: “Typically, an investigation into money laundering could take many months even years but this process is drastically simplified and speeded up the investigation and presentation of evidence by using the correct technology.  I simply couldn’t do my job without Altia-ABM products.” Read more here.

As well as saving time and money, the financial crime investigation software is so reliable that its reports are readily accepted in UK courts.

In addition, Altia-ABM’s Financial Analysis Toolbar works with the Investigation Toolkit to combine a range of financial analysis tools with the power of Excel: effectively speeding up the process of interrogating financial data. Find out more here.


Scanning and conversion tools are backed by arithmetical checks to confirm accuracy of your data.

Independent studies show that Investigation Toolkit can reduce data entry time by 80%.

Reliability means that Investigation Toolkit reports are readily accepted in UK courts.

No language barriers – and standardises data from multiple statement formats.

Bulk scan hard copy documents, or input and convert digital files in most formats.

Excel-based, so your investigation files can be shared with partner organisations.


100% of UK Police forces use and trust Altia-ABM products. In addition, the groups customers include a number of UK Government departments and regulatory authorities.


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