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Trusted by 100% of UK Police forces, Altia-ABM’s investigation and financial analysis software products create greater efficiencies; reducing costs and saving valuable time.

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  • Complete Covert Intelligence
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  • Intelligence
  • Protected Persons
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  • Undercover/ Discreet Operations
  • Community Intelligence.

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Though our products and services are designed primarily to support the management of investigations, their features are equally relevant and increasingly popular to support the accurate and detailed analysis of data and content in other sectors, including finance and accounting, IT and digital fields, plus the audit of an array of industry specialist areas.

Our expert team members are from a range of backgrounds, including, but not limited to: law enforcement, HR, financial services, media, IT, logistics, hospitality and retail – so we have a strong understanding of a range of industries and the challenges they face.

We also work in many locations, so if you have country-specific requirements, we are equipped to offer bespoke solutions, support and training. Our literature is also available in various languages to ensure understanding the benefits of our range of products and services is tailored to your local needs.

If you have some specific requirements which you would like to discuss, please contact our sales team for a chat. You can email them at, call 0141 280 8900 or use the contact form. We are happy to discuss how our products and experienced team can support you to get the investigation software solution you need.

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