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The Times reports strong growth and expansion for Altia-ABM

Following the launch of the Altia-ABM Group both The Herald and The Times have featured articles today detailing our corporate rebranding and vision of growth for the Altia-ABM Group.

Altia Solutions Ltd acquires ABM United Kingdom Ltd

Altia Solutions Ltd, the fast-growing investigation software firm, has acquired ABM United Kingdom Ltd – providers of software for law enforcement and intelligence sectors around the world.

Spotlight on Altia-ABM Canadian expansion

Altia-ABM is featured in articles in both The Herald and The Scotsman today detailing the major growth of our activities in Canada with the opening of our Toronto office.

Panama, Panama

The training dates were set, flight tickets booked, passport found in the sock drawer and arrangements made and confirmed by the NCA.

Next stop, Hong Kong

No sooner was Steven settling back into life in the office was he whisked off on another foreign trainingassignment. This time he was going to the Far East and a visit to Hong Kong.

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