The complete solution for managing all aspects of covert and overt intelligence.

Pegasus is a truly global product, used by law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom, Canada, U.S.A and Australia. Pegasus allows law enforcement agencies to manage all aspects of covert operations effectively, discretely and securely. It supports police forces and other bodies to apply high levels of oversight across their covert operations, and to comply with regulations, guidelines and best practice for gathering, storing, accessing and sharing covert information.

Managing and sharing information

Pegasus gives you complete control, letting you decide on the appropriate level of access for each individual user. Checks and alerts counter any attempts to get around the security features. Sharing information with other Pegasus users is straightforward and secure.

Risk management and efficiency

Using a single, secure, repository for all covert information helps you to mitigate operational risk and enforce best practice on all users. Easy access to management and performance information lets you measure the effectiveness of covert operations.

Meets the highest standards

Pegasus has been designed to meet the requirements of the UK government’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), and Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA). This legislation imposes rigorous demands on law enforcement agencies in the UK, which Pegasus supports them to meet. Its flexible structure and comprehensive range of features makes it suitable for law enforcement organisations across the world.

Why choose Pegasus?

Make better use of information, with no compromise on confidentiality

Maintain compliance and high ethical standards

Measure effectiveness of every aspect of a covert operation

Identify areas for savings

Manage resources more effectively


Customise Pegasus to work best for you

A modular approach means you only pay for the Pegasus functions you want to use. Adding more functions at a later date is simple and fast.

Intelligence hub

Record, manage and action intelligence from a wide range of sources.

Source management

Securely manage informant information, comply with human rights guidelines, and manage inherent risks.


Manage all aspects of surveillance operations, including authorisation, risk management, logs and intelligence reports.

Discreet operations

Manage all issues surrounding undercover activity, assets and associated financial implications.

Community sources

Administer all information around community sources, including status drift, and automatic transfer to a source where required.

Assumed identities

Comply with your responsibilities and maintain secure records for people on witness protection programmes and other at-risk people.


Ensure full regulatory compliance around witness information and intelligence, and create an auditable record of exchanges with witnesses.

Report writer

Generate investigator reports and management information reports.


Manage authorisations and data obtained from telecoms companies, including subscriber information and call records.