Pegasus: Debrief

Supports your witness debriefing process to obtain evidence and intelligence.

Developed with leading law enforcement agencies to support evolving legal and operational requirements.

Debrief helps you to properly debrief witnesses, offenders and others, to obtain evidence or capture intelligence. Debrief helps you meet your regulatory requirements and provides an auditable record of all exchanges with potential or actual witnesses. It’s comprehensive and user-friendly, essential for law enforcement agencies and other bodies engaged in crime-related debriefing.Pegasus Debrief lets you record all data, starting with the initial approach and through each stage of the debriefing process. It also assists with the management of disclosure in any subsequent court appearances.

Why choose Debrief?


Contact reports

– record operational details including debriefing times, locations, those present and events

Cross reference statements and intelligence

– and generate intelligence reports

Exhibit indexing

– for physical evidence produced during interviews, with all exhibit references stored in a single

Risk management

– helps you identify, document and manage associated risks

Search tools

– let you quickly find any entry in the system

Financial accountability

– costs of each aspect of the debriefing process are recorded

Core Functionality

All modules, benefit from core functionality that provides a consistent capability throughout the Pegasus system.

Informant Management
Community Intelligence
Protected Persons
– Assumed Identities
– Case Management
– Communications Authority


Covert Operations

Covert Operations