Pegasus: Informant Management

Manage informants and their information securely and effectively.

Pegasus conforms to all legislative requirements for the management and oversight of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Informants).

The Pegasus Informant Management module provides critical information that aids the effective and fully risk-assessed management of sources.

When you use it with other Pegasus modules, Informant Management can help identify potential conflicts and provide a complete solution for use within covert law enforcement.

Why choose Informant Management?


Demonstrate effective risk management in relation to all CHIS activity

Ensure absolute confidentiality of the source and associated intelligence, delivering security of all documents, including records, contacts and costs

Maintain full legislative compliance and simplify the disclosure process

Ensure proportionality and necessity rules are followed

Maintain your protection of the informant, and duty of care to the public

Developed in consultation with law enforcement professionals working in covert operations management

Informant Management includes a range of features that will enhance your management of informants and the information they provide.

Core Functionality

All modules, benefit from core functionality that provides a consistent capability throughout the Pegasus system.

Informant Management
Community Intelligence
Protected Persons
– Assumed Identities
– Case Management
– Communications Authority


Covert Operations

Covert Operations