Pegasus: Intelligence

Record, manage and action intelligence from multiple sources, securely.

Pegasus Intelligence lets you securely record, manage and action information and intelligence from a range of sources – including community members and informants.Intelligence provides a secure, central repository for all information and intelligence records, in compliance with recognised national and international intelligence models. It helps promote the more effective and proactive use of intelligence, and allows you to demonstrate the provenance of information.

Why choose Intelligence?


Optimise the use of intelligence

– share information with colleagues and partner organisations without compromising

Protect source identities

– without contravening legal guidelines and disclosure laws

Improve understanding of links

– between suspects, locations and other key details

Improved decision making

– with greater visibility and insight into potential and active threats

Law enforcement agencies and other bodies are required to deal with information and intelligence effectively and securely. Pegasus Intelligence lets you do just that.

Core Functionality

All modules, benefit from core functionality that provides a consistent capability throughout the Pegasus system.

Informant Management
Community Intelligence
Protected Persons
– Assumed Identities
– Case Management
– Communications Authority


Covert Operations

Covert Operations