Pegasus: Protected Persons

Maintain secure records for people on witness protection programmes and others at risk

Pegasus Protected Persons helps agencies deliver a fully accountable and systematic approach to managing persons under protection. These can include witnesses, judges, jurors, officers and family members.

Designed in conjunction with leading law enforcement agencies, Pegasus Protected Persons ensures that all matters relating to protected people are appropriately managed and recorded. It ensures regulatory compliance, particularly regarding evidence gathering and disclosure, to help agencies meet their obligation to provide adequate protection.

You can configure Protected Persons to meet the exact access and security needs of your agency, and customise the terminology used in each screen.

Why choose Protected Persons?

Protected Persons supports collaboration between agencies, making it easier to transfer those under protection to different areas, and manage the administrative and financial implications.

Improves management oversight

– plus efficiency and financial management

Reduces risk

– of compromising witness identities

Codifies procedures

– to comply with policy and legislation, and to fulfil duty of care to witnesses and others

Secures protected persons’ records

– and protects your agency against negligence claims

Records and tracks threat sources

Electronic record keeping for protected persons operations reduces risk, ensures consistency, and makes it easier to report on costs and efficiency.

Core Functionality

All modules, benefit from core functionality that provides a consistent capability throughout the Pegasus system.

Informant Management
Community Intelligence
Protected Persons
– Assumed Identities
– Case Management
– Communications Authority


Covert Operations

Covert Operations