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Bespoke product training that helps optimise your investment, delivered at our training facilities in Nottingham

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Training in using our products is a fundamental part of what we provide for our clients. Whether you’re new to our products or in need of a refresher, our bespoke product training services will help you get the most from Altia-ABM products and services.

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Need training for more people, or at another venue? Just ask. Our trainers work across the UK, and in North and South America and Australasia. Get in touch.

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Crime investigation training

Taught sessions

We offer product training for every level of user — from new users to experienced administrators. Training courses use a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, and cover:

Investigation Toolkit
Financial Analysis Toolbar

We also provide remote training options. Contact your account manager for details.

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Covert operation

Bespoke courses

The modular nature of Pegasus means that courses can be tailored exactly to the needs of each client — the training covers only the modules you use. This focused approach means your users gain knowledge only about those aspects of Pegasus which they’ll use in their day-to-day work.

These bespoke courses generally last for one or two days, depending on the subjects covered.