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Customising our products for your sector

“We’ve been using Altia-ABM for a number of years, and it’s really filled a gap we had in our IT capability. We would be struggling with the quality and the breadth of the work we are investigating without something like Altia-ABM.” – Altia-ABM customer

Though our products and services are designed principally to support management of investigations, their features are equally relevant in other sectors. Our team members are from a range of backgrounds, including law enforcement, but also many more such as HR, financial services, media, IT, logistics, hospitality and retail. We also work in many continents so if you have country-specific requirements, we are also equipped to offer bespoke solutions, support and training.

The best place to start if you have some specific requirements, is a chat with our sales team. Contact them at info@altia-abm.com, call 0141 280 8900 or use the contact form. We’ll be happy to discuss how our products and experienced team can support you to get the solution you need.

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