As founding partners of SOCEX ( Serious and Organised Crime Exchange) we are happy to announce Altia-ABM are headline sponsors of this year’s SOCEX Fraud and Financial Crime Conference which is being held at the Midland Hotel this November.

Over 300 practitioners and managers will gather from across the UK and beyond to examine the challenges faced by those responsible for investigating this rapidly evolving crime type.

The conference will provide opportunities to discuss and exchange best practice relating to the detection, prosecution and strategic management of fraud, MoneyLaundering and all aspects of financial crime.

Conference Objectives

To increase knowledge and awareness

  • Holistically, across law enforcement, sharing good practice and learning to reduce the threat from individuals involved in Fraud and Financial Crime and reduce risk to communities and business infrastructures from it
  • Those attending will be exposed to the most up to date and innovative approaches to investigations, intelligence and learning good practice that they can immediately transfer to their own investigations

The conference will seek to place the emphasis on the benefits to practitioners and managers reg investigative techniques/knowledge and strategies and some of the previous topics presented have inluded:

  • DigitalCurrency: Threat assessment, current issues and a practitioner based investigation
  • Cyber: Use in Fraud
  • Money Laundering: case studies on a high end Money Launderer and specialist money launderer
  • Case of a Professional Enabler to include learning for Financial Institutions
  • Current POCA investigations re new legislative provisions
  • Case study on an MSB investigation
  • CivilRecovery:
  • Procurement Fraud:
  • Fraud and OCG
  • Victimology of Fraud and financial crime

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the business area of Fraud and Financial Investigation from PoliceForces, HMRC, NCA, LocalAuthorities and all government law enforcement agencies to include policy makers, managers and practitioners.

Why should colleagues attend this conference?

Hear the latest investigative techniques and methods, most up to date application and best practice re new powers on multi-agency investigations from those at the cutting edge tackling the current and emerging threats from Financial Crime.

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